Chordpro is a platform independent format for editing and organizing song texts with guitar or ukulele chords (chord sheets). There are numerous software applications available.


The syntax is pretty simple:

Code Function Example
[ … ] chord [Am]
{t: … } title {t: Imagine}
{st: … } subtitle {st: John Lennon 1971
{c: … } comment {c: 2 x}
{instrument: … } instrument {instrument: ukulele}
{key: … } key {key: Am}
{sob} start of bridge (music)
{eob} end of bridge
{soc} start of chorus
{eoc} end of chorus
{sot} start of tablature
{eot} end of tablature
# annotation (not shown in ouptput)
  • Several songs can be compiled to songbooks.

Software Tools