The History of the Sons of Hawaii (Trailer)

E Hihiwai

Wahine 'Ilikea

Sanoe - Gabby Pahinui with the Sons of Hawaii

Na Ono Ia Na Kupuna - Gabby Pahinui with the Sons of Hawaii

He Punahele No 'Oe

Sons of Hawaii

The Sons of Hawaii was founded in 1960 under the direction of guitarist Gabby Pahinui (until 1973, when he was replaced by Dennis Kamakahi). The ukulele player Eddie Kamae was part of it from the start. In addition came bass and steel guitar in changing cast. The group played Hawaiian Folk music, to whose Revival they contributed significantly, and North and Latin American Folk music and Jazz. Originally, none of the band members could speak Hawaiian, but they appropriated the language for their music. In particular, Kamae moved through the island world and studied the traditional folk tunes there. In 1992, the group finally dissolved.