In music history, the period following the Renaissance period, from the late 16th century through the late 18th century. It marks the beginning of the Common-Practice Era. One of the most popular chord progessions was the folia. Frequently, ornaments such as grace notes, trills, or arpeggios were played even if they were not mentioned in the score.

Individual Pieces

[n] = number of parts

  1. Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr
    Johann Christoph Bach [3]
  2. Bourrée
    Johann Krieger (1697)
  3. La Primavera1)
    Antonio Vivaldi (1725) [3]
  4. Rokukan no Shirabe2)
    Yatsuhashi Kengyō 3)

1) Der Frühling | Spring | 春
2) 六段(ろくだん)調(しらべ)
3) 八橋検校(やつはしけんぎょう)