Mauro Giuliani


The Italian Mauro Giuliani studied cello and guitar before moving to Vienna in 1807, where he composed classical guitar music and performed throughout Europe as a guitarist. In 1819 he returned to Italy. He left behind 150 guitar works that are sometimes very demanding, including several concerts, sonatas and arrangements of overtures as well as variations on works by other composers such as Handel and Rossini. A special feature of Giuliani's works is the use of the arpeggio. upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_thumb_e_e5_mauro_giuliani.jpg_220px-mauro_giuliani.jpg


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Andrew Hardel: Allegro (2017)

Samantha Muir: Andante in G (2016)

Samantha Muir: Andante in D minor (2017)

Samantha Muir: Andantino in D (2015)

Samantha Muir: Allegretto in G (2015)

Tran Thanh Nam: Etude Op. 30 N. 1 (2017)

Tran Thanh Nam: Study Op. 30 N. 2 (2019)

Tran Thanh Nam: Allegretto Op. 30 N. 20 (2017)

Tran Thanh Nam: Ecossaise Op. 33 N. 10 (2017)

Tran Thanh Nam: Etude Op. 50 N. 5 (2017)

K. Michael Köhn: Andantino in C (2014)

Mark Witney: Tyrolienne (2017)

Ondrej Sarek: Landler V. (Ukulele duet) (2018)

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