A digital tuning device connected to the neck of an ukulele and used to tune the strings. When you pluck a string, the (colored or monochrome) display shows how far the sound deviates from a standard tone. The measurement takes place via the vibration of the ukulele or via a microphone built into the tuner.

For ukuleles, there are

  • combined tuners with preset tunings for guitar (G), bass (B), violin (V) and ukulele (U) as well as chromatic (C, i.e., in semitone steps) or
  • purely chromatic tuners.


Example eno ET-33 Morris CT-2 Snark SN-2 Polytune Clip
Type CGBVU CGBVU C („all instruments“) GB
Standard frequency 440 Hz 430 ~ 450 Hz 416 ~ 466 Hz 435 ~ 445 Hz
Specifics C6 and D6 switchable
„flat“ mode for electric ukuleles
measure via vibration or microphone \ built-in metronome
capo function
Guitar mode and bass mode switchable; needle mode or strobe mode switchable; polyphonic voices (guitar mode only)
Battery CR2032 CR2032 CR2032 CR2032

In design-loving East Asia, there are also tuners that are suitable as an accessory. The aNueNue Tuner U is a chromatic tuner for ukuleles. It turns on automatically when you plug it in and off again when you remove it.

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