Haida, Yukihiko

Name Haida 灰田
First name Yukihiko 有紀彦
Alias Haruhiko 晴彦
Born 24.4.1909
Died 16.10.1986

He was born as an older brother of Katsuhiko Haida in Honolulu (Hawaii) and moved to Japan in 1922 following the death of their father. In 1929 he founded the Moana glee club, the first band for Hawaiian music in Japan, to which Katsuhiko also belonged. Yukihiko is therefore referred to as the „father of Hawaii music“ in Japan. He returned to Hawaii 1933–1935 to study the technique of Hawaiian guitar (lap-steel guitar), which he was the first Japanese to study. In 1945 he re-founded the band as New Moana. In 1959 he co-founded the Nihon Ukulele Association. In 1960, he invited Eddie Kamae and Herb Ohta to Japan.

Haida composed more than 600 pieces of Hawaiian music.

  • Haida's book of ukulele with complete chords and symphonic solos ウクレレの全コード及び其の彈き方 Tōkyō Ongaku Shoin 1934:11