Guiness Book Records

In compliance with the Guinness Book of Records, people playing their Ukuleles gathered and played songs together for at least five minutes:

2015-04-13Papeete 4,7921)
2014-07-18Southampton 2,3702)
2012-07-28Yokohama 2,1343)
2011-08-20Helsingborg 1,5474)
2009-06-20London 8175)

The venues also reflect the popularity of the Ukulele in different parts of the world.

Record Challenges until 2012 as Comic

1: „I am Sunny, Ukulele promotor from Cairns.“
„I have summarized all Ukulele Guiness Records so far.“
2: „It was confirmed as Guinness Record that on 20.6.2009 851 ukulele players made music together.“
„As representative of Australia !?, Cairns has challenged this record.“
3: On the 3.7.2010 at the first Challenge 677 people. At the repetition on 3.7.2011 811 people.
„Too bad. But next time we'll get it!“
But just as we were thinking that, preparations were proceeding in an unexpected land.
4: Sweden!
„On 20.8.2011 in Helsingborg an outstanding new record with 1547 people was set up!“
And this record was challenged in the motherland of the ukulele …
5: Hawaii!
On the 22nd of October 2011, the first attempt immediately surpassed the 1000-person mark with 1056 participants.
On April 28, 2012 there were 1296 people. Even though no new record was achieved, this is probably record-breaking given the ukulele player population.
6: And this time the 3rd Challenge will be in Cairns on 7.7.2012. The place is the Esplanada and the Fogarty Park, the goal is to set the record of 1547 people.
7: And if you look for the next planning, then it's Japan!
„On 28.7.2012 in Tsuyama in Okayama.“
„The same day also in Yokohama, target: 2000 people.“
„Guinness record attempts with the ukulele are now a hot topic!“

(From: http://img01.go-jin.com/usr/kazuki/ukurereginess.jpg)

Guinness World Records, Tahiti Infos. — 8 players were disqualified because they played not well enough or long enough!