Fernando Sor

The guitarist and composer Fernando Sor came from Barcelona, but left Spain in 1813 to live in London, Moscow and from 1826 Paris. There he was friends with Dionisio Aguado. He appeared as a soloist, but also published numerous compositions for other instruments and acquired great fame. His „Méthode pour la Guitare“ published in 1830 exercised significant influence on the development of classical guitar playing.

Sor begins his guitar school with the timeless wisdom of the prudent educator:

As I shall never say to the reader: This is what is necessary to be done, but this is what I found necessary to do, so neither shall I say how a guitar ought to be made, but how it should be made for me, and for what reasons.


Wilfried Welti: Minuet (2009)

Samantha Muir: Allegretto (2014)

Klaus Schindler: Etude no. 1 Opus 35 (2019)

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