Once upon a time there lived a magician named Ash. He had mastered the art of producing beautiful magic bubbles and went around the playgrounds where he attracted young children with his bubbles. As soon as they touched the bubbles, they were drawn inside and could not leave them anymore. If one touched the bubbles from the outside, they would burst into ashes; hence the name of the magician. When Ash himself however touched these bubbles, the children inside would melt and turn into bubble foam which the magician used to rejuvenate.

One day he caught a boy called Jimmy who carried an ukulele. Inside the bubble, Jimmy started to sing and play the ukulele, and the beauty of his voice and the clarity and brightness of his chords made the magician weep. When his tears dropped onto the bubble, it dissolved, and the boy was set free. The magician lost his evil power, and from his tears all the children he had caught before sprang back to life again, and they all lived happily ever after.

The song that Jimmy sang ran as follows.

Bubbles so beautiful, bubbles so blue,
Bubbles so colourful, how I love you!
Flying high in the sky, upwards you go,
Tricking my longing eye, I love you so!

Bubbles so merciless, bubbles so cold,
Bubbles so marvelous, you have me sold.
Led astray, far away I have to stroll,
On my way, ev'ryday, I miss you all!

Bubbles so dear to see, my joy and glee,
Bubbles, come near to me to set me free!
Fall apart, let me part from ev‘rything.
In my heart rests your art, you make me sing!