Ernest Ka'ai


Ka'ai was self-taught and since 1900 active as a musician and music educator, impressario and owner of a ukulele manufactory. He was considered the largest capacity in the field of Ukulele. In 1906, Ka'ai wrote the first textbook for the ukulele. In 1923 he performed a concert tour through East Asia and Australia and New Zealand. He then lived and worked for 7 years with his troupe in Japan.


Images and Videos

Kaai Glee Club, Dan Makaena: Malanai (1910)

Kaai Glee Club, Henry N. Clark: Waialae (1911)

Director of the Royal Hawaiian Concert and Musical Organisation, and the finest Mandolin and Ukulele player in the World
(NZ Truth 309, 27.5.1911, 6)