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Marke Pono
Year 2011
Type acoustic
Size tenor
tuning C6 (linear tuning)
body mahogany
top mahogany, solid
neck mahogany
fretboard rosewood
bridge tie bar bridge
frets 20
neck joint 14
scale length 430 mm
strings Orcas
Weight 653 g
Date of purchase 7.2.2015
Price 78.914 ¥ (586 €)


Originally, I ordered a model with pickup (device) (MHTSH-E) from the Japanese dealer, and that's how it was written on the delivery note. In fact, I got the model without pickup. A demand from the dealer showed that the MHTSH-E is sold out (after all, it is no longer produced) and that they had made a mistake with the price – the price I paid was too low, and unfortunately they could not give me a discount. I've never experienced that at a Japanese retailer, but I believe them: Compared to the prices quoted in the US, I've paid about 200 USD less! I can live with that, even without a pickup. Instead of the Aquila Nylgut strings that I had been expecting, it came with clear Worth strings, which in principle sound great but were something hard to play for me (they are very popular in Japan). That's why I replaced them with Aquila Red. In July 2015, I exchanged them again with clear Worth strings after two of the red Aquila strings were torn.

For some time I was irritated by a buzz in the higher registers, esp. the C string. I experimented a number of times with the action; but elevating the bridge did not help. Only a professional „treatment“ in which nut and saddle have been shortened (the saddle is now asymmetrical) solved the problem. In the summer of 2016, the bridge burst from the top, apparently because the sun had melted the glue. Fortunately, no permanent damage occurred; the bridge was re-glued by a luthier.