Ukuleles are usually built so that the left hand should be the fret hand and the right hand the strumming hand. Left-handers usually have no advantage in turning this around. As both hands do about the same amount of work, it basically makes no big difference which hand you use for which task. In addition, most of the instructions, such as tablatures, are set to use the left hand as a gripping hand so that additional effort would be necessary if the hands were exchanged. However, there are also ukuleles built especially for left-handers.

I do not allow „lefties“ in my classroom. No ukes are tuned backwards. No Hendrix or McCartney in my world.1) I tell the kids that the left-handed students are the fortunate ones because all the tricky stuff we do on the uke is with the left hand.

Jamie „Mr. T.“ Thomas2)

One famous left-handed Ukulele player was Tiny Tim.

Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney, both left-handed, played guitars with strings in reversed order.
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