Strumming hand

Letter: Q or C

For most types of attacks, the little finger („pinky“) is not used regularly. It plays a subordinate role in the four-finger rasgueado and four-fingered alternate picking.

Fret hand

Numeral: 4

For the gripping hand, however, the little finger is important as a flexible and quick-to-use „working finger“, which often plays passing notes as well as melody notes.

  • In the first position, the little finger generally covers the notes on the 4th and 5th frets and, in the event of a position change, the notes that are more than three frets away from the index finger.
  • For chords and moveable patterns that are played with four fingers, the little finger is of course also used.
  • The little finger can also be used to play harmonics. For this, the tip of the finger is lightly placed on the string that is to be plucked, and immediately lifted immediately after plucking.