Techniques with which an ukulele is used as percussion, like drums.

For muting techniques with fret hand and strumming hand see muting.


For a slap, the strumming hand hits flat on the body, whereas the palm of the hand covers the fretboard and mutes the strings. No notes are played.

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For a tap, the strumming hand becomes flat or fisted on the top or the sides. Alternatively, individual fingers (usually thumb or index finger) are used; they can also be beaten on the top. The index finger can also be snapped onto the top.

The fret hand can also be used. For this, the index finger is held in bar (chord) form and mutes the strings; the remaining fingers are hit on the fretboard. The fingers of the fret hand can also be used for hitting the top or frame.

This produces drum-like sounds; no notes are played.

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